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In this Episode we catch up with TEAM CURRIE to get the low down on all things WORLD IRONMAN CHAMPS

Sally Currie – We kick off the show with Sally Currie – who is a critical part in the Braden Currie machine, number one supporter and theamazing woman Braden is privileged to call wife . Sally talks about what it meant to be there with Braden in Utah at the Ironman Worlds and gave us an insight into Braden’s support team from marketing to massage therapist, biomechanist to bike mechanic that allows him to perform to his potential. Her unwaveringsupport shines through in her open and honest insight to what is required to perform at the highest level on the world stage.

Braden Currie – 3rd in the World Ironman Champs.

Braden shares with us his build up and how his race unfolded. Discussing those elements that he nailed and those that almost derailed his entire performance.

Sharing his perspective of what it meant to race for the win last weekend. We get an insight on how he broke the bike course down in preparation, how Braden approached the run and how he dealt with moments of adversityin his bike and the bike/run transition.

Cushla Holdaway – Team CP Dietitian

The Ironman world champs course in Utah was raced at Altitude and along with that, athletes had to perform in 34 degrees during the run course. Cushla shares with us her thoughts on how to perform in a hot environment, looking at how the body adapts from a physiological standpoint and what athletes can do to prepare prior, manage themselves during and recover after.

Jess Garrett – Team CP Endurance Coach

This one is for you if you have a spring and summer triathlon lined up. We discuss Jess’s top tips for developing your swimming over winter, whether you are elite level, intermediate or just getting started.


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