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Kathmandu Coast to Coast: WRAP UP brought to you by CP MEDIA

Bobby Dean – We didn’t see this year’s 5th seed on the start line in 2021, as he sat out the year due to injury. However we saw Bobby Dean back on the start line for 2022 and his 6th KMDC2C. Bobby was one of the youngest within the Top 10 field and made his presence known coming in 3rd behind Dougal Allan and race winner, Braden Currie.

Vicky Jones – Vicky Jones the final person to get to the finish line in New Brighton on Saturday by beating all of the cut offs and in doing so completing an epic Longest Day Kathmandu Coast to Coast. She had a point to prove after breaking her boat in the paddle a couple of years ago which made getting to the finish line even sweeter this time.

Ethan Halliwell – Completed this years Mountain Run in 3:34:42, just under 20 mins ahead of Ben O’Carroll. Ethan breaks down his race for us.

Elina Usher – Lining up for her 17th Coast to Coast, Elina is no stranger to the Coast to Coast experience – with 4 Womens Longest Day titles and now 6th time placing 2nd. It was a tight race out front within the Elite women within only minutes separating race winner, Simone Maier, Elina and 3rd place Fiona Dowling.

Braden Currie – Braden is this year’s Coast to Coast Longest day champion and adding a 4th C2C title to his name. After COVID spoiled the plans for the now cancelled IRONMAN NZ, Braden was spurred on by Coast to Coast owner Mike Davies to hit the Kathmandu coast to coast starting lineup. So with a mere 36hrs of prep time, Braden dusted off his kayak and his multisport roots and headed for Greymouth! Braden began his professional racing career within C2C, racing 5 consecutive C2C’s, with his last being in 2016, when he placed second to Sam Clarke, hanging up his kayak to enter the world of Ironman. Hitting the finishing chute with a 20 minute lead on defending Champion, Dougal Allan on Saturday, it was an epic race to watch.


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