Team CP Spring Run Club

Team CP Spring Run Club 2020 – SIGN UP

– Powered by The Frontrunner and Salomon

Get set for an awesome Spring and Summer of running with our Spring Run Club.  

  • 3 months (12 weeks) of group run sessions.
    • Tuesday
      • Meet at the Frontrunner Colombo
      • 6-7pm
      • Arrive at 5:50pm
      • Lead by Oska Baynes
      • There will be a Run group leader for each pace group.
      • Three pace options in each session each group is an approximate
        • + 6.30min per km plus – Will be a walk/run at the start of the programme
        • 5-6min/km
        • sub 5min/km
          • you can move up and down the groups depending on how you are feeling each night

Programme Start – Tuesday 1st September 2020