Triathlon & Ironman Coaching

To successfully complete a triathlon is a huge achievement that requires you to have the right skills, endurance and mental toughness.

To achieve your goals requires a team effort, therefore we have specialist coaches that will help you learn or refine your swimming, cycling and running.  Triathlon however is about bringing the 3 disciplines together as one performance with good nutrition to finish strong. To help you do this our qualified and experienced coaches will work closely with you to make sure that you get the most out of your training and have a race day to remember!

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Our CP Coaching team love to test themselves and have a broad range of triathlon and Ironman experience.  They are passionate about helping you to execute your race plan and become the best you can be.  To find out more about our awesome team of CP Coaches click here.

The Start Up Process – the first step
This is all about getting to know you and coming up with a game plan of how we will achieve your goal.  The first step is to determine your easy wins – how will you improve the most with the least possible time and effort?  The key outcome of this meeting with your coach is a one page road map that will help to guide our build up over the coming months.  Click here to get started

Communication is key
If you are standing at the top of a hill after an epic climb we need to know about it or on the other hand if the wheels have fallen off and you are battling then we need to know about that too.  By keeping in close contact with your CP Coach we will celebrate with you or help come up with a solution to get your restarted.

Keeping track of your progress
Using a number of tools such as Training Peaks, Strava, sports science testing and regular goal setting with your CP coach we will ensure that you continue to take small steps to achieving your big hairy goal.

Being part of the team
An endurance event or training for one can be a very individual undertaking.  By joining Team CP you can be a part of something bigger than yourself.  Meet others with the same goal as you or have someone jump out of the bushes and cheer you on

"Working with Team CP give me structure and ensures that my week has balance between endurance, speed, flexibility and rest."

"Train and prepare for a bad day, the good days then become a breeze"

Grant Boyd

Become a member

Achieve your personal goals with our TeamCP coaching

Follow an event specific programme, learn lots and be part of the Team as you prepare for your next big challenge.




  • Specific training plan to key events
  • CP Coach Support
  • Video and education resources
  • An encouraging group of people preparing for the same event
Work closely with your coach and follow a specific plan to get the most our of every session that you do.




  • Regular Coach consults and support
  • Your personal programme
  • Race planning and review process
  • Includes community membership
Our premium option includes everything that you need to perform to your best.




  • Regular practical strength & technique workshops
  • Regular coach consults and support
  • Your personal programme
  • Full Group and Adventure Day Membership included

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