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Team CP Run Club – Christchurch Marathon, 1/2 & 10km

Christchurch Marathon, 1/2 or 10km - join our team and complete it in style!

Team CP Run Club

If this is your first time preparing for the Christchurch Marathon, half or 10km event or you are a seasoned runner wanting to improve your time join our team to help you achieve your goal.

The package includes your

  • 3 months of group run sessions – 2 per week
    • Three pace options in each session each group is an approximate
      • + 6.30min per km plus – Will be a walk run at the start of the programme
      • 5-6.30min/km
      • sub 5min/km
        • you can move up and down the groups depending on how you are feeling each night
  • A group leader for each group
  • Nutrition Guidelines for runners
  • Strength Conditioning for runners resources
  • Event plan resources
  • Support from an awesome group of people!

The programme builds up over the 12 weeks so will incorporate walk breaks and shorter runs earlier in the programme.

We will ensure that you are running well with good technique and make sure that you are fully prepared when you stand on the start line to have an awesome day.  

Weekly Group runs are held Tuesday and Thursday evenings 6-7pm

Sessions are held at a variety of locations including Hagley Park, the Heathcote River , and the base of the Port Hills

Programme Start – Tuesday 10th March 2020

Event – Christchurch Marathon, Half or 10kms – Sunday 31st May 2020

Team CP Run Club - Christchurch Marathon, 1/2 & 10km


Type Description Price
Team CP Run Club Join the team, develop your running and have an online training plan that works for you. $85


Team CP Run Club - Upgrades


Type Description Price
Training Programme Upgrade Get your own training plan built specifically for you the Christchurch Marathon, half or 10km. $90
Team Run top or Singlet Be part of the team and make sure that we can spot you on race day to cheer you on $40
Individualised Nutrition and Race Planning Make the most of your training and preparation by developing a specific race plan so you can perform to your best $90


"I was looking to train with a group of people that would challenge and inspire me. The Facebook videos sold me and i signed up - words that spring to mind: Motivation, Community, Discipline, Banter, Challenge and Change.
There was an improvement in my running but it also changed my mindset towards my personal running journey."

Callum Templeton

Start your journey with Team CP, become a member today!

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