Robyn Garrett

Hi, I’m Robyn. My life is filled with a husband, two teenagers and a part time job … but I’ll always make
time for adventures involving outdoor activity. This is my happy place where the balance of life is

For me it all began in the gym in my late 20’s when I was asked to be part of a 10-person team running a
relay around Lake Taupo (my hometown). The task seemed a little daunting, but it was a fun group and I
wanted to at least try. I haven’t looked back since.
Before kids, it was all about road running and a wee bit of cycling; I didn’t know about anything off-road,
let alone this ‘multisport’ gig.

Then one day I was introduced to a mountain bike and a pair of trail shoes. In 2003 I trained for and
completed my very first multisport event the Crazyman.
Since that day I have completed many different events. These have ranged from single discipline events
like the Abel Tasman Coastal Classic and Round Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge, through to multisport
events like the Mt Isobel Challenge and Spring Challenge. All of which helped me on my way to my first
Coast to Coast.

I enjoy the challenge of endurance events as you learn so much about yourself, what your mind and
body can achieve, and let’s not forget the friendships you form and adventures you have along the way.
It seemed an obvious choice to combine my natural enthusiasm for events with my passion for sharing
knowledge and motivation. In 2019 I put it to good use by acquiring a Personal Training Certificate. A
dream many years in the making.

My biggest joy is seeing people complete something they never believed they could. I love to work with
people who have a dream and are keen to challenge themselves, whether it be a 10km run or something
much bigger and audacious. If this is you, don’t wait any longer – do it now!

By partnering with the right people who have a raft of knowledge and experience to guide you, you too
can complete your dream, just like I did.

Find your “why?” and I’ll help you FLY!