Penelope Watson

Brought up on a farm in North Otago, the outdoors was my adventure playground and sport has always been a huge passion of mine and integral part of life. Netball and tennis were always my main sports, but I was inspired to get into multisport when my Mum, in her mid-40’s, decided to participate in her first ever triathlon! I supported her on race day and from that day forward have been motivated and passionate about supporting and encouraging others to achieve their goals and enjoy a healthy lifestyle, as well as participating in events myself, always thriving from the experience and benefiting greatly in all areas of life.
So in my early 20’s I entered into the world of multisport, with my first significant event being the Coast to Coast. I continued my new found love for participating in events that challenged me and took me to new places, completing the Christchurch Half Marathon, Le Race, Around Brunner, Spring Challenge (12hr), Taupo Half Ironman and others.
After spending 6yrs producing children’s TV, I made the decision to follow my ultimate passion and went back to study. I recently completed my Bachelor of Sport in Auckland, and thoroughly enjoyed working in sport event management for the past 2.5yrs delivering some of New Zealand’s best events including Queenstown Marathon, Motatapu, Hawke’s Bay Marathon and The Pioneer.
Now back in Christchurch, I’m again loving the multitude of opportunities Canterbury offers to get out and explore, and be active both on foot and on wheels! Passionate to share my love of sport and enthusiastic about motivating, supporting and inspiring others to get over the finish line, I am excited to be on board Team CP and part of this friendly and energetic community of sports-minded people! “To accomplish great things we must not only act but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.”