Kate Crook

I’ve always had an affinity with the outdoors and I realise now that I’ve always had the naïve ambition to set crazy self-driven goals – and be stubborn enough to finish them.  Inadvertently this has set me in good stead for a lifetime of adventure, travel, learning new skills, and pursuing excellence in things I am passionate about.

As a small town girl that had zero farming knowledge, I left school and completed a Bachelor in Commerce and Agriculture, spending the next 9 years farming in NZ and abroad, working up to sole charge management where I would focus on doing small things right, to achieve big gains in production on a large scale.  Ironically this is something that relates to athletic performance gains as well.

In 2017, I pursued my next adventure which was in the form of the 2018 Coast to Coast Longest day. I had very limited experience – I had never been on a road bike, and only had a recreational sit on top kayak that resembled more of a tugboat than a racing boat.  However, I have always enjoyed running in the hills, often heading out on a whim, on my own, for single day missions of the Hump Ridge track, the Kepler, Routeburn and various other trails.  As well as ‘winging’ my way through a few adventure races with friends in the past.  I trained hard and somehow managed to finish 4th in the female Open category that year, which of course only spurred on the ‘crazy’ in me even more, and I trained harder, and smarter- this time with a coach.  Resulting in an overall 6th female placing in the 2019 Longest Day.

Since June 2019 I have been battling through a slightly different challenge in the form of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which for at least 7 months had me confined to the deep depths of excessive exhaustion.  I have to say that this has been even more challenging that any Coast to Coast!  But I am making progress to better health and beginning the rebuild process, focusing on strong foundations – healthy body and healthy mind.  I cannot wait to be out there competing again, stronger than ever because of the experience.

My world has been totally absorbed by this passion of multi-sport and athletic training.  I am making the transition from farming to a full-time career in sports coaching.  I am currently completing a Certificate in Sports Coaching as well as plenty of self-propelled research, reading and learning with a keen interest in female physiology, athletic recovery and periodisation.  I love learning about how all the small pieces of the puzzle work in together to produce optimum results, as well as figuring out what works for different people as individuals, because we are all different.

The greatest thing about coaching is getting the opportunity to work with passionate people who are keen to challenge themselves while doing something they love.  There is so much opportunity for improvement out there, and it really is available to anyone willing to take it.

Be crazy, set audacious goals that terrify and excite you…Great things will happen!

“Find your passion.  Set a goal.  Make it happen.”

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