Jess Garrett

Some of my earliest memories involve waking up early and swimming before and after school, and every chance I got! This continued throughout school and university, into competitive ocean swimming in Australia. The love of the outdoors and adventure sports brought me to Christchurch in 2017 and I’ve never looked back.
A personal trainer & pilates instructor for over ten years now, I have a passion for helping people build a solid base of fitness and knowledge for any adventure. My speciality and interest is in posture correction, injury prevention and maximising strength for a targeted sport or event.
I love the diverse range of opportunities Christchurch has to be fully immersed in so many activities. You’ll be able to find me trail running with my trusty pup Trevor, in the water ocean swimming, and as an Ironman Certified Coach – putting my knowledge to the test!
Having the opportunity to coach and train alongside such positive and hard-working people in the Team CP family is life-changing as you constantly see goals being achieved, races finished (and won!) and confidence raised to new heights. My goal is to make sure these are all being achieved pain-free and without injury – all while having fun!