James Owen

Performance Coach
I’m James Owen – A health and fitness enthusiast who loves the challenge of goal setting, the thrill of big dreams and the immense satisfaction of learning, training and putting a plan in place to achieve them.
I have been involved in sports and recreation from a young age and have spent many hours out in our beautiful country on a bike, on the snow, in a boat, in a plane, in the water, or on just my own two feet. My journey has taken me from roles in a health and fitness centre to team sports including Cricket and Basketball at regional and national level. More recently I have focussed more on endurance events including running, open water swimming and long-distance triathlon – all of which means that I have the experience and tools to help YOU achieve your goals, no matter what they might be.
Management of our time and resources is the name of the game. Outside of coaching I travel a lot as an airline pilot for Air New Zealand and always have a pair of running shoes in my bag to shake out the jetlag wherever I might end up. Over the last few seasons I have completed the full distance Challenge Wanaka and Ironman New Zealand, Port of Tauranga ½ Ironman, love me a good marathon and am currently training for the New Zealand Age Group team to race in the Gold Coast in September. My fiancé and I have been involved with Team CP for several years in different capacities, and love being outside with our friends exploring and doing what we love! Luckily, our vege garden doesn’t complain too much when we both away, we are always happy to come home!
You only have one opportunity in life to pursue your goals and challenges. Don’t wait for the “right time”, make time, create change, build strength, develop good habits, assemble a framework that allows you to best that YOU can be. As your coach you can expect that I will pass on my knowledge and experience and help you manage your work/life and training/life balance. We all have
challenges to face and responsibilities to juggle. Together we can manage these and develop a strategy that is right for you.
I look forward to helping you develop a plan and learn the skills you need so you can achieve whatever fitness goals you set your mind to.
“Take the stairs”.