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Andrew Tolman

2015 was my year to run a full marathon. I had turned 40, and the goal was to complete a marathon, a distance I’d never achieved before but had been half way there, many times. I consider myself an experienced runner, competing in many events prior to Queenstown from running up the Auckland’s Sky Tower when it was first built (Vertical Challenge) to running up Mt Lyford in the middle of winter (Mt Lyford Challenge). Half marathons, Xterra Rotorua, Motatapu off Road Marathon and MTB and more recently I’ve been spending some time in the saddle of my specialized road bike. I’ve also played masters football for many years and coached junior teams. Coast to Coast 2019 is now in my sites!

A few days after I’d finished the 2015 Hanmer Alpine Half Marathon and a few weeks after the Queenstown marathon I was riding into the office on my motorcycle when I had serious accident. Multiple pelvic fractures, broken ribs, punctured lung. My body was broken but my sanity wasn’t. All I kept thinking about was “when am I going to run my next marathon?” Three nights in hospital and I was discharged without surgery and a pair of crutches. I’m very grateful for the gear I was wearing at the time of the accident. Once the bones had healed it was many physio sessions to build back that strength that had wasted away while my body recovered. The accident was a wakeup call and a reality check, it really put things into perspective for me. I’m a husband and a dad to two amazing boys. This was a good time to set some new goals, to get me back on my feet, to be a good role model for my boys and show them you can pick yourself up when you fall and to tell my wife I’ll take a break from the motorcycle. First goal and ten months after the accident was the 2016 Queenstown marathon, result = successful, so was 2017 and so on. I have a corporate ICT background and over the last 5 years I have been responsible for managing some of the largest and sophisticated data centre facilities in the country but It’s time for a change, I’ve found my new passion and I want to share with others what I love to do and be able to help others achieve their goals. We have so many amazing and well organized events right on our doorstep that I want to be a part of and I am very excited to have been given the opportunity to join Team CP.