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Training Peaks

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Ranking training sessions

In any given week you might be feeling great and be able to do all the training sessions that are planned for you, but sometimes life gets busy and it is just not possible to fit it all in. Therefore to help you decide which session to drop first and the one that you should really try to make sure that you do we have created this ranking system.

Rank 1 – most important session
Rank 2 – good to do session
Rank 3 – bonus session if you are feeling good

Measuring intensity

A key part of any training session is to make sure that you hit the correct intensity. Therefore use the table below to make sure that you understand what we mean when we write zone 2 versus a zone 4 session. If you hit the correct intensity when required in your training you will be better prepared to be awesome on your race day.

To be more accurate in hitting the correct intensity we recommend that you get yourself a heart rate monitor and get a lactate test done. As a result of this you will have a heart rate range (e.g. 120-130 bpm for zone 2). Everybodies heart zones are different depending on your training history, whether you are biking or running and also who your parents are. Check out this link for more information on how the lactate test is done.

If you are a Road Cyclist or Mountain Biker then a power metre is a valuable tool to ensure that you are hitting the correct intensities and therefore training and recovering accurately

Zones Intensity Description Time * that you can hold this intensity for
Zone 1 Easy You can talk easily e.g. recovery, cool down All day
Zone 2 Steady You can talk comfortably but you are breathing more heavily 2-4+ hours
Zone 3 Moderate Hard You are really puffing now but you can talk in short sentences 30mins – 2hours
Zone 4 Hard You don’t feel like talking but can talk in single words 10-60mins
Zone 5 Very Hard You can’t talk – sucking in all the oxygen you can! 2-20mins
Zone 6 Max! Sprinting – giving it everything!! 0-2mins

* Note that the time that you can hold each intensity for will increase as you spend more conditioned you are by spending time training at that intensity