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We really enjoy the privilege of working with so many enthusiastic people, from complete beginners right through to international athletes.
Thank you for your comments and feedback.


“The course was great, thanks. I’m definitely keen to take part in some more courses”

– Katie Killoh

“Very good session. Richard and Debbie were both very encouraging and were able to adapt their comments to suit the varying abilities that were in the group. They made it fun. The info was well structured and followed a good plan of progression.”

– Colin Pearson

“Feeling great and really enjoying the morning training esp with the weather being so nice at present. CP has given me the confidence to get out there and do it!!”

Andrew Taylor


“Thanks for the great support this season, your programs were fun to do (even though they hurt sometimes)”

– Nick Emery

“Just keep doing what you guys are doing. I think it is great. Has been good for me! I am looking forward to the next few events. One happy customer here!!”

– Paul Davies

“I got 1st in my age and 5th overall, I’m quite happy with that.  Thanks for the programme and coaching as it is obviously working!”

Kylie Rochford

“I enjoyed the experience this year and was wrapped to do well!  Thanks so much for all your training plans, advice and cheerful support over the year.”

Hillary Cave

“Enjoyed the overall support and the scope of diversity that could get me the best training and knowledge for my races / training”

Shane Lynch

“I think my programme must have been exceptional because I was hardly sore at all the week following”

– Emily Wilton


“Thanks for your help over the year, I wouldn’t have got there without you and really just couldn’t say just how much this means to me. I’ve thought about doing the coast for so long now and for years thought it was completely beyond me.  Wow, it’s just unbelievable that I’ve done it!”

– Wendy Spray, Coast to Coast 2009

“On balance the race was bloody fantastic! Really enjoyed the challenge, achieved my goal to complete the event and the result was ok although a little slower than I had planned.  It was really great to have so much support and friendly faces around during the weekend. The TeamCP crew really rock!”

Alastair Hines


“I am new to kayaking and did TNT last night for the first time.  I would like to mention that Rosie is fantastic, so enthusiastic, supportive and knows how to make us work hard.  I am so appreciative of her driving me to paddle harder than I have before”

– Linda Poulsen


“I feel you could say I had the ultimate Complete Performance . I felt great, I performed as I had visualised and was spot on with my times.  A bloody good run I thought for my first hard Tri and I have to say I ENJOYED EVERY moment of it!!!”

– Vivien McCaskey

“Someone asked how come I enjoyed it so much. I explained that I was so well prepared that all I had to do on the day was to follow the plan, smile and enjoy myself. Thank you for making sure that I was the best prepared that I could possibly be so that I could go out on the day and do my best and have a complete performance.  I have enjoyed the whole thing, from the training right through to race day (yes even when I grumbled I was still enjoying it!!).  Thank you for keeping it interesting and making it fun!”

Nadine Voice


“I did the Pier to Pier 5km race and did by PB of 22.50.  That is 1.30min faster than I have ever run before. 5k is not really my distance.  I think I just start to warm up at 5k and I am better at 10k. You are an amazing trainer. Thank you so much.”


“Thanks for tech session the other day, I learnt a lot more than I expected. Went for a run last night and worked on posture and the propulsion. Took 10 min for the propulsion to start to click but when it did felt so much stronger and quicker with less effort. Absolutely stoked and finely felt like a runner. Thanks heaps.”

John Deacon

Tuesday Running Group
“Thanks Karen. I enjoyed it – great fun and felt good afterwards. Thanks heaps.”



“Great to talk to you today.  You really motivated me.  I got home from work at 6.30pm then went out for a bike ride for an hour and a half! Thanks for your motivation :o)”


“Thanks for the good luck txt it arrived at a perfect time: I was just wanting to run away and was questioning what I was doing there. It was definitely a wet and technical race in Nelson on Saturday. Thanks for your support and helping me to the nationals. I got to stand up at prize-giving and also acknowledge your and Helena’s help. Really looking forward to the next 12 months and continue with the training. I really have noticed a difference with your training and not just with the mtn biking but throughout the many aspects of my life.”

Dallis Parker Waters


“I am a complete beginner but the course was completely comprehensible to me, as well as much more experienced riders who were along side me”

Bunch Riding Basics – Sept 2010

“Awesome. Relaxed, non-threatening environment. Thanks!”

– Bike Maintenance Course, April 2010

“Really liked how Richard & Debbie took time to ride beside us & analyse our riding in small groups. Really added benefit”

– Bunch Riding Basics – Sept 2010