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Chris Stagg


Performance Coach 

Chris’s passion for endurance sport began with tramping at a young age, swimming and then during his study became a swim coach and qualified white water instructor. He was introduced to multisport during studying and has been taught and assessed grade 2 certs across both islands for the past 5 years. Chris has a passion for getting people outside and active to take them places they’d never see without making the effort. Chris effectively teaches what he calls ‘Training to train’ so you can take your training to the next level with technique efficiency and timeliness. Chris believes that the best coaches are actively involved in the sport themselves to allow them to continue to push the boundaries and have an understanding of what their athletes are going through.

Most recently he was the kayaker for the 1st Place CP 3 person team with Brett and Reta and now looking forward to competing in many events for the year ahead.


Having instructed and coached 100’s of athletes to transform the kayak section of any race into their strength, Chris has the experience to give you the tools and understanding to dominate your vessel on the river. He has paddled up to Class 5 all over NZ but enjoys teaching the endurance aspect of white water. All of Chris’ sessions incorporate fun into learning otherwise what’s the point is. Chris is currently the lead instructor for Topsport Kayaking Specialists.

Why I love my job/sport?

The moment I fell for the outdoors was when I’d endured a constant uphill challenge in rain and hail, getting to the top and loving the view! The challenge alongside some handy tools such as a bike, kayak, and my own two feet take me place that you only get to see by working for it. Including any finish line. The rewards are more than just physical.

Recommended event:

Rotorua 3D – for the whole family (literally)

Motu Challenge – ultimate individual or team challenge

Coast to Coast – there are so many options

Favourite recovery food

Cashews (protein that’s easy on the tummy before and after workout).

My favourtie quote:

“The pain of discipline is nothing like the pain of disappointment” – Justin Langer