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Quick answers to FAQ’s

1. What is TeamCP?

Simply put… TeamCP consists of a team of skilled coaches, who work with you to achieve your objectives.

2. What if I am an absolute beginner / novice?

Not a problem – Our team love working with people who are keen to learn.

We not only provide you with an achievable training programme, but also teach you the skills you need to succeed (even if you have just started running, or biking).

3. Do you have a programme to suit me?

Yes – our training programmes are tailored to your specific needs. We also have a range of group training programmes which cater for athletes from novice to people who go fast.

4. Is it expensive?

No – there are a range of levels available to suit your needs and budget. You can also buy a group membership for our range of weekly group training programmes.

5. How do I find out more?

Contact our friendly team on 0800 551 002.

6. Where am I best to start?

This is different for each person.

Attending one of our group training sessions is often a good introduction. These are very inclusive and in a non-threatening environment. This gives you a glimpse of how we work and gives us a chance to meet you and as a bonus the first session is complimentary.

Contact our helpful team on 0800 551 002 to find out the best plan of attack.

7. What if I don’t live in Christchurch?

This is not a problem. We coach athletes from around the country and frequently use, email, txt, phone calls and Skype to keep in touch with your progress.

When we can, we travel to provide additional support or attend / compete in events ourselves.