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Coast to Coast Support Crew Packages

Let us help you make your Coast to Coast experience awesome!

Premium Support Package We will pick you up from the airport, host you for the race and be in your corner to make sure that everything goes to plan. We will be your one stop shop for the Coast to Coast and help you with booking your travel, accommodation and any of theĀ gear that you need to race such as a kayak or bike.

To ensure that you have an awesome Coast to Coast experience we will help you with your preparation to ensure that nothing is a surprise on race day. This will include running through each transition with you prior to the race to make sure that you understand exactly how it is going to work.
All you need to do is focus on performing to your potential and have fun doing it.


Support Crew Package You will be supported by our team to make sure that you have an awesome race day. To do this we will ensure that you are well organised before you arrive with a race plan that you will have practiced and together we will help you execute it. We will help you through each transition making sure that it is either super speedy or relaxed so you can enjoy the experience, your transitions will be practiced the day before so there are no surprises.


Budget Drop Service If you want to get from New Zealand’s West Coast to Christchurch but not sure how you are actually going to do it then we can help.
We will ensure that your gear is ready and waiting for you in each transition and collect it as you finish with it. This will include getting your boat and gear checked so it is ready and waiting for you when you arrive at the river and collecting your boat at the end of the paddle and transporting it to the finish line.*Transition practice and planning is not included in the budget bag drop service.


Kayak drop off and scrutinizing Will your support crew enjoy a sleep in past 4.30am on day two of the coast to coast or you would prefer to take just one support vehicle for your longest day athlete?
Your solution… Give the Team CP Support Crew your boat on Friday afternoon (before 6pm) with all of your compulsory gear loaded, checked and ready to go. We will load it on our trailer and get it check by the safety team in the morning so when you arrive all you need to do is put your athlete in it and push them off down the Waimak.